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About Us

PeopleRight was founded in 2002 to help businesses improve their overall performance by identifying common characteristics of their top performers and using this information to establish predictive benchmarks. In 2006, PeopleRight Careers began to leverage those benchmarks to help high school students and young adults make better decisions about colleges and majors and select careers that will provide them the best opportunities for success, advancement, and fulfillment.

PeopleRight Careers’ state-of-the-art career assessment instrument collects information on 27 characteristics in 4 key areas:

Upon completion of the one-hour assessment, results are compared with similar information collected from top-performing professionals in more than 200 careers. Finally, a trained consultant explains in a two-hour feedback session how to use this “wiring diagram” to pick the right college, select the right major, and make the best choices throughout the college years and into a successful and satisfying career.

Mike McCormack Interview

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