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Career First College Second

Get the Order Right and Save at Least $10,000.00

There are 3 major components that families think about when sending a child to college:

  1. Getting IN
  2. Getting OUT
  3. Paying for it

Most families spend a huge amount of time and money helping their student to get accepted into more or better colleges, and quite a bit of effort figuring out how they will pay for the college experience, and then hope that the student somehow figures out their future career while they are in college.

Because most families don’t think much about what the student will do after they get out of college before thinking about getting in, there is a high probability they will pay a lot more for their college experience! Since following the sequence that most families follow will likely cost you lots more money, I’ve written a book to encourage families to change their thinking. It follows what Stephen Covey says, “Begin with the end in mind”.

I’ve created a way to combine the processes that smart businesses use in their hiring processes into processes that students can use to make decisions that will impact what they do with the rest of their lives. In short, helping them to understand how they are wired – and how that relates to potential job and career opportunities – BEFORE they go off and spend over $100,000 on a college degree that they may not ever use again.

It is my hope that this material will help families to be better prepared, more informed, and make wiser decisions that not only significantly reduce the amount of money spent on postsecondary education, but also will allow students to maximize and leverage that knowledge to make better choices that result in more successful working careers.

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