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Clients Testimonials

“Three of my teenage daughters have previously taken a competitor’s assessment during their high school years, so I know full well what the comparative costs are for other assessments. PeopleRight’s assessment delivers more bang for the buck than these other services. It will virtually crystallize what you and/or your student were called to do or called to be, at a fair and reasonable price. A personalized evaluation and review session with Mike is far superior to others I have seen or experienced.”

P. Stan Keith, Promettre International Ventures, Inc.

“The results were precise and clear for both parents and student. We were amazed with the simplicity of the testing, and your efficiency and professionalism when you presented the results. Our son took the results to heart and is actually redirecting his major as a result of the input.”

John Harbus, Business Owner, Plano, TX

“This is to thank you for the incredibly significant contribution you have made to our daughter Jodi’s life through the administration of your assessment several years ago.

“At that time she became aware of a proclivity and interest in the sciences. She just finished her degree in biochemistry (with honors) at Southern Oregon University, and she is looking forward to a career either in teaching or cancer research.

“She might not have discovered this path but for the counsel she received from you.”

Ron Eggert, Pastor and Parent, Oregon

 “Mike really cared that I understood how to utilize the results from a career development standpoint, as well as evaluating job opportunities. He also provided me several leads on networking groups in the area. This was a great investment of time and money, and I expect to get ongoing benefits.”

David Cates, Dallas

“Before learning about PeopleRight Careers, we tried another company for our son in order to learn more about his aptitudes, etc.  It was a two-day program that cost more than $800.00 about four years ago. We learned a lot about our son through this process. When we learned that PeopleRight Careers was being offered through our school, we decided to give it a try as well. It not only confirmed everything we had learned in the other program, it gave us more, including information about spiritual gifts that helped explain and confirm who our kids really were, all for hundreds of dollars less.”

Jeff Dixon, Parent

 “As a consultant for many years, I am used to using numerous assessment and diagnostic tools in my business. I have also had numerous ones administered to me because of my previous sensitive military and civilian jobs where such assessments were necessary. I can truthfully say that I believe the PeopleRight assessments are some of the most accurate, if not the most accurate, for predicting future success in college and in your job. More importantly, Mike McCormack is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever met conducting these kinds of diagnostics. He truly loves what he does and is extremely informative. I would definitely recommend that every student going on to higher education consider making the investment to take these tests.”

Terry E. Wiese

“I heartily endorse and recommend Mike McCormack and his PeopleRight Assessment tests for both business and student use. On the business side, I have been using Mike’s services for several years, and have gotten to the point where I wouldn’t dream of hiring someone into Capstone without first having them tested. In fact, I go beyond this by regularly introducing Mike to my clients so that they can benefit from his service offerings in their businesses.”

Dave Turtletaub, Trinity Counseling Association Parent
CEO, Capstone, Inc., Dallas

“We reviewed our daughter’s results prior to registering for classes at Texas A&M this summer. The information was invaluable as she began planning her college class schedule. The data was thoroughly presented and clearly explained. It proved to affirm her academic areas of strength in addition to her spiritual gifts, and allowed us to look objectively at a variety career opportunities and choices. Our only regret is that we did not do it sooner!”

Dawn Pownell, Parent & Teacher, Dallas

“When our daughter graduated from high school, my wife and I engaged Mike to help her strategize about potential careers that would best fit her and that she would enjoy. Between the assessment tools of PeopleRight Careers and Mike’s excellent consultative skills, our daughter learned a great deal about her strengths, weaknesses, likes, and dislikes—some of which surprised us. The process caused our daughter to consider some new careers she had not been previously been thinking about and helped guide her towards a major that was also different than what she had initially focused on.

“Given the amount of money parents spend on their children’s college education and the long-term career ramifications of picking the right major, I highly recommend that parents and students engage People Right Careers for assistance.”

Mike Meredith, Commercial Banker

“We have been consulting with Mike to launch his service to a broader market. As such, Mike took a few of our staff members and their kids through the PeopleRight process. Everyone who took the assessment and spent time with Mike in a feedback session were blown away by the clarity they received on their gifts, talents, and areas of expertise. It really gave everyone a clear picture on what they were created to be and how they can use their gifts and makeup in specific roles in the marketplace. I’d recommend this to any high school senior who wants to the find out how he or she is wired and the best course of study to take in school. I’d also recommend this for anyone in the middle of a career transition, or pondering a career change. It will provide you clarity and direction to make the right choices.”

Bob Regnerus, The Leads King 

“All three of our children had the benefit of this information, and it was tremendously helpful as we worked together to make decisions on college and career. We recommend it wholeheartedly!”

Kent and Marilynn Johnson

“Mike McCormack came highly recommended by people that we trust. We called him and set up an appointment to have Alisha tested. The entire process was so easy from beginning to end.  Alisha enjoyed the process of figuring out what careers she would be good at. Mike came to our home and gave us the final reports of Alisha’s testing. He spent time explaining what each report meant and allowed us to ask many questions! Since that time, he has been available to us to answer any additional questions that we’ve had. I highly recommend this career testing for your children.”

Nichole Robinson